Happiness and Joy

As we age life does not automatically knock on our doors and tell us to participate. We have to design our lives so that it is easy to be part of an active and fun life as we grow older.
 Happiness comes and goes. It is dependent on external circumstances.
You can change our environment so you are as happy as possible. 
Live in a neighborhood that invites you to meet people. Be close to cafes, little stores, casual restaurants, sidewalks, meeting places, parks and friendly engaged neighbors. Go for coffee on a regular basis.
Shop at the little stores. Have a good word for people. Notice their new haircut and how they put their outfits together. Acknowledge them for their work and for serving you well. 
Have activities that make your heart sing. That can be reading and writing, making art, spending time with friends and family or any other fun way to spend your time.

Take up a hobby you had put aside because of the previous daily demands on your time. Write your autobiography to share your own times. 
My mother became a painter with oil colors after 70 and I love her pictures. They are hanging all over my house and I feel her presence. 
Exercise. Find a way you like to make your heart beat faster through movement and wake up your body. Make it the kind of exercise you like. I love bodybuilding and cardio training with a fitness coach. 
I cannot wait for my sessions and I go to the gym at least 4 times a week. I discovered that I can shape my body and look and feel my best in the process. 
Spend some time deciding what the right fitness workout would be for you. If it does not inspire you and feels like drudgery, keep looking until you find a physical activity you love. 
Your quality of life depends on it.
Get a pet. Visit your local animal shelter and adopt a cat or a dog. 

Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash
These are external changes you can make to live a life you love.
Another huge addition to shape your life is to be joyous. 
Joy comes from the inside. And we can live a joyous life by transforming the way we approach life.
Finding humor in situations is a help in many ways. My partner of many years just refused to participate in drama. He joked about the situation until the added drama stories around it fell away and he could solve the problem. Nothing is so serious that it has to upset us. 
When we accept what is so in our lives rather than resist it, only then can we transform whatever does not work. 
When you resist, it persists.
To forgive people, government and events frees us to let go of the past and create a new future. Just complete with it and let it go. It is done and over with. No need to hold a grudge since it only hurts the person who is holding the grudge. Forgiving cleans out our inside which can then be filled with joy.
Gratitude is the bonus that keeps on giving. Appreciate people, your environment, nature and our earth. See the gift in what you have and who you are. Acknowledge the wonderful people in your life, the great food you have, all the beautiful things that surround you. Keep a diary and write down 10 things you are grateful for every day. Your life will start to sing.
Be generous. Give praise, appreciation, gratitude and just give of yourself. Help wherever and whenever you can. Choose to share. Sometimes a dollar will make a difference.
And be compassionate with others. At times it is just listening to someone and giving your full attention that makes all the difference. 
Understand their struggle and have some kind words. See the suffering and help.
If you follow these suggestions your life will sparkle and shine and you will have a wonderful, exciting and enriched old age. You will feel young participating in life and also have the wisdom acquired through your life experiences.
Enjoy your happiness and joy and live a life you love.
In “The Blue Zones Lessons” Dan Buettner mentioned a few ideas to improve happiness.

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