Dear Fellow Baby Boomers,
Sometime in the future is “NOW” for us.
We have changed history from the time we were born and now we are inventing retirement.
We have successfully survived our individual ups and downs, our successes and learning moments and our own .
Now is the time to create our next 30 years.
Because: IF NOT NOW, WHEN…?
Life is precious and we have to treasure every moment of it.
Enjoy your life has as many different faces as there are people.
Sports and Fitness,
Grandkids and Family
Fun and enjoyment have to be part of it.
You might have taken all the right steps from early adulthood on and are now sitting pretty with enough resources to do everything you want.
But for many of us life did not quite work out that way. We have to figure out a way to fund a life that resembles the life we have been enjoying.
There are different options and I have explored many of them for us.