What Happens In The Living By Design Seminar

The living by design seminar is a participation seminar.
Its format includes periodic lectures as well as small and large group discussions.
There will be written exercises and verbal sharing among participants resulting in insights and processing of experiences and unexpressed dread.
Participants will find that creating their future is inspiring and enlivening, evoking and creating new enthusiasm and excitement where resignation and trepidation might have been present.

Completing with old expectations and outdated plans and replacing them with new visions and purposes in life will allow participants to be more fully self-expressed, powerful, secure and independent. The freedom possible is an exquisite gift to themselves, their families, friends and to society.

The Living By Design Promises In My Seminars

  1. You will create clarity about your life and how you would like to live for the rest of your life
  2. You will explore the sources of your enjoyment and satisfaction and give up hopelessness as a way of life
  3. You will discover how confidence and joy of life empowers you personally and professionally and how to live with passion
  4. You will analyze how you set your own worth and how you spend your assets
  5. You will design your financial future by creating your own course of action
  6. You will choose a life you love that communicates who you are in life
  7. You will enroll your friends and family and your environment to support your personal growth and to help you design a fabulous retirement or continued career

We Offer Coaching Programs Tailored To Fit Your Individual Needs, Desires And Budget

  1. Why get coaching to design your future?
    a) maybe retirement is your best choice.
    b) maybe you want to continue working or your career
    c) you don’t know how to maneuver these choices
    the Living By Design Seminar will provide the space of for you to get clear about how to live your life for your future
  2. What if i want to have personal coaching because my situation is unique
    we are available to meet with you personally to discuss all your needs and desires with you in order for you to be able to live the best life you choose to live
  3. I would like to retire but i don’t know whether my budget is enough to retire
    we will go over all your options and all opportunities available. you might be surprised that it is possible to design the best life you love
  4. How can i stay relevant in life when i am retired
    through exercises and sharing we will create a vision of your future that will have you be excited to get up in the morning and make a difference in your enviroment and on the planet
  5. What if i want to discover new talents and strengths i have not had a chance to develop during my work years
    The Living By Design Seminar is a perfect safe space to try on different scenarios to live by your own design

The Seminar Leader

Heidi Mueller is the author and leader of the living by design seminars.

she is a successful top-producing real estate broker and works with people from all walks of life.

she is also a certified specialist, qualified to advise seniors and baby boomers.

she has extensive knowledge of real estate and financial options that she will share with her clients and seminar participants.

heidi has been a passionate, successful and effective motivational speaker for the past 25 years in a wide variety of venues and in front of many diverse groups.

her long-ago previous careers as a teacher and taxi driver as well as her many years as a professional real estate advisor and realtor have contributed tremendously to her personal and professional growth, knowledge and wisdom.

heidi has been training herself for many years in the area of personal transformation. she walks her talk.

in addition to the living by design seminars and public speaking assignments, heidi offers personal one-on-one coaching in helping her clients in the design and fulfillment of their powerful and desired futures.

heidi conduct workshops and gives seminars for corporations, associations and small groups in the united states and germany.