Happiness and Joy

As we age life does not automatically knock on our doors and tell us to participate. We have to design our lives so that it is easy to be part of an active and fun life as we grow older.
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Advice from Bertrand Russell: “Make your interests gradually wider and more impersonal, until bit by bit the walls of the ego recede, and your life becomes increasingly merged in the universal life. An individual human existence should be like a … Read More

Baby Boomers

Is moving your best alternative? Let’s brainstorm together. How to use your equity? Let’s talk about that. Take your property tax base to 11 different counties? Ask me how. Tax consequences of the sale of your home? Let’s talk about … Read More

Plan your future

Property Tax Relief on Homes for SeniorsWhen a sale or transfer of a property is recorded with the county recorder it is the responsibility of the new owner to complete the Preliminary Change of Ownership (PCOR). Buyers customarily complete this … Read More